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To succeed now demands more than vision and will. It requires conscious leadership and sustainable practices.

Welcome to Sacred Minds. We are a socially conscious leadership development and communications consulting practice. We work with existing and emerging leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, change agents, individuals, teams and organisations to positively influence, amplify their leadership skills, develop great leaders and transform cultures towards creative, viable and sustainable outcomes. Using workshops, one-on-one sessions and seminars we facilitate your learning
 and deeply care about the achievement of your greater goals around business, personal and social responsibility.

  • "Salomeh is a rare and uncommon talent when working with people, with capacity to mould the interest of the individual, the desire of the executive and the requirements of the business into a sustainable direction."

    Head of Operations, Human Capital Solutions


  • "Salomeh's approach may best be described in the words of Lao Tzu; "Water your dreams with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dreams.”

    Head of Operations, Transport & Logistics 

  • “Her strategic approach, creative thinking and warm demeanor is a complete package that delivers results."

    Head of Business Strategy, IT

  • "Her professionalism, skillful communication and craft in drawing out the best in our people is key to our presenter trainings. The results showed the highest number of customer attendance, engagement and experience, leading to further lead generation."

    Head of Business Strategy and Marketing, I.T

  • “Salomeh has the ability to shape and tailor a module to the audience and has the unique ability to take the conservation/topic and apply it to real life examples which is the real power of learning"

    General Manager, Property Development

  • “A true facilitator, Salomeh’s experience and expertise in the sales field and our industry added a unique dimension. What I found most valuable from working with her during this process of creating behaviour change are her insights, presence and a strong sense of personal responsibility and accountability."

    Regional Director of Sales, Aviation

  • “The partners have already noticed a great shift in the way I'm leading my team and communicating. And finally I'm managing some balance with my personal life, which is always priceless in my field of work." 

    Senior Associate Lawyer

  • “There is a nice balance between accepting you as you are and facilitating new areas of learning, and adding some totally new skills to your reportoire. Salomeh is totally authentic, and credible, with a comfortable sense of authority, without coming across as intimidating."

    Managing Director, Luxury Retail

  • “Working with Salomeh helped me gain a greater understanding and awareness of my positive and negative behaviour patterns, the affect on the people around me and a more balanced view of myself, our team, business objectives and the world itself."

    CEO, Environment

  • “A rare and honest talent that delivers the desired outcome. She allocates sufficient scoping and research time to understand the needs of the organisation or the individual and agrees up-front what the desired outcome should be with the client. “

    Head of Human Resources, Technology

  • “It was a great privilige for me to work with Salomeh. Her excellent professional skills and approach to holistic solutions was an important contribution to our work."

    CEO & Chair, Non-Profit

  • “She brings a lot of clarity combined with compassion, which is a very special balance of qualities. She combines both softness and strength and creates an atmosphere of trust among participants. “

    Board Director, Non-Profit







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